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About Pontiac

The Pontiac is one of the brands that has been made by the General Motors group and sold to the United Stated, Canada and Mexico from as early as 1926 to present time. They are a mid level brand that caters to the sportier consumer that demands high performance but at a reasonable price. The marketing group that is targeted by these vehicles is the younger drivers that are more into speed but often cannot afford higher classed vehicles.

First coined in 1906 under the Spring and Wagon Works division the name has been tied to Chief Pontiac that fought, though unsuccessfully, against the British. When the Spring Company and the Oakland Motor Company decided to merge the operations of the two were tied in and when this company under t he Oakland name was bought by GM in 1909 the first GM Pontiac was made as a six cylinder vehicle that was affordable and could compete with four cylinder models.

This was a great success and Pontiac actually outsold Oakland and was the only survivor of this relationship in 1932. The company went a step further later on and made an eight cylinder vehicle. They continued to strive to meet the demands of consumers for higher performance vehicles that would be affordable. The brand continued to make a sound and impressive name for itself over the years and has been well known for its power and the remarkable vehicles that it has produced.

Some of the Pontiac models of note include the G6, Solstice, GTO, Torrent, Grand Prix, Grand Am, Vibe, SV6, Firebird, Montana and many others that are excellent vehicles in design and craftsmanship. They are vehicles that have survived the rat race as it may be and that have been able to still carve a niche for themselves in the present market.

The cars continue the reputation of being sporty, aggressive and youthful and continually attract buyers that are into the features. The vehicles themselves are great in quality and are well designed to meet the demands of the persons that they attract. For a vehicle that is affordable and that provides great performance the Pontiac is a great option. This vehicle though marketed to the younger person has attracted many a person from several generation brackets.

Pontiac Automotive Parts

The Pontiac division of General Motors has equipped the Pontiac with high quality and capable parts. They have delivered parts that are tuned to meet the requirements of power and excellence. These parts are quality parts and you will want nothing but quality when the time comes to do maintenance on your Pontiac. They parts provided by Pontiac are matched by many comprehensive online sites that are up to the task of providing quality at a reasonable price. You are able to source the Pontiac automotive parts that you need and are able to accomplish all this from the safety of home. Keep your Pontiac in great working condition and get only quality Pontiac automotive parts as needed.

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