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About Scion

The Scion has been a brand of vehicles that were produced by the Toyota Corporation based on the inception of the brand in 2003. The goal of this branding is designed with an appeal to the Generation Y consumers and they are hoping that this will be the brand of the future. The Scion stems from the failed project Genesis that failed to bring younger buyers to the Toyota Company. The brand is entry level and falls just below the Toyota.

These vehicles are currently being marketed in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam. It was unveiled as early as 2002 and only put to production in 2003. They were available in California to start and later in other areas nationwide by 2004. There are currently two main models the tC and the xB. These are great vehicles that are designed to appeal to the younger generation. The tC is a 2 door lift back and the xB is a 5 door box shaped wagon.

The marketing approach for the Scion is well planned and uses tools like pure price and internet adverts. The market research collected for the previous generation has formed the basis for the new generation and the basis by which the brand is hoped to be made into a household name in the future. Pure price means the advertised price that is quoted in ads and billboards is the total price for the vehicle. This means less hassle in negotiations and a simpler process overall. This means customers are not lured by the appeal of a price that does not include all the charges and extra fees and that when consumers are attracted to the price they can actually afford the vehicle.

There have also been campaigns that use guerilla marketing strategies such as posters and ads in movie theaters as well as on television and online. This marketing strategy is not used as a hold by Toyota but mainly for the Scion brand. The Scion in 2004 created a limited edition model that was packed with exclusive accessories and personalized to the customer. These were also a hit and were preordered on a first come first serve basis.

New Scion Body Repair Parts

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