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About Dodge

Dodge motor Company became a part of Chrysler in 1928 and most of the trucks produced by Dodge Chrysler had the Dodge brand on them. One of the most popular trucks available was the Dodge D50 Series; utility companies and the military often used this medium duty truck, with a heavier duty M series used for ambulances, heavy-duty military trucks, jeeps and commercial vehicle brands such as Freightliner. All of these names have become a household word.

Dodge has continually been involved in the racing world at the top of many NASCAR races. Their sports cars such as the Dodge Viper and their concept vehicles like the Sidewinder, Super 8 Hemi, and the new Copperhead have often been loved and admired by the American public. The Stealth was built between 1991 and 1996 and was rebadged as the Mitsubishi 3000GT which still gets a second look when seen going down the road.

Dodge trucks have always been a popular vehicle for ranchers, farmers and recreational enthusiasts. Their concept of Ram Tough started in the 90's and the popularity of the trucks new body design and power became one of the number one trucks for the general public. You will still see a few of the Dodge Ram 50's hauling the family boat even today with the truck being built in the 70's.

Dodge continually built good vehicles with the vehicles were often rebadged with the Plymouth, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai and as of 2005 many Dodges are carrying the DaimlerChrysler badge. The consistency of Dodge vehicles has prevailed for over 100 years, and although they have had a few bad years with vehicle popularity dropping they have stayed one of the main American vehicle manufactures. The popularity of Dodge is now a worldwide phenomenon, with Dodge vehicles being sold worldwide.

Dodge Replacement Auto N' Truck Parts

Here at we understand that your Dodge is important to you, and if you've had rust perforation on an older Dodge or had a collision with your new Dodge Stealth getting good replacement body parts becomes a priority. believes that you shouldn't have to worry about fit or rust perforation in the future. We have your Dodge body replacement parts, and guarantee fit and offer you a lifetime guarantee on rust perforation. This means for as long as you own your Dodge, you will not need to replace a body part unless you have a collision. Our lifetime guarantee is the best in the industry so if you've had a collision or are restoring an older Dodge take a look at replacement body parts and be sure that you won't have to problem with fit or rust perforation.

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