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Dodge Dynasty

You all know that a dynasty is a family of kings or other rulers whose parents or grandparents have ruled a country for many years. Thus we can think that since 1987 this car can be considered one of the most powerful rulers of the highway. Dodge Dynasty was launched as a sedan, based on front wheel drive and it came to replace the mid size Dodge of that time. We can also mention that this car was manufactured on the C Chrysler platform and its chassis is extended wheel based. Moreover, Dodge Dynasty cars are all produced in Illinois.

The engines available for this car were: a 2.5 liters one, Chrysler type, a 3 liters one, V6 version from Mitsubishi, then another Chrysler engine, a 3.3 liters one, V6 type only until 1990. The 3 liters V6 engine was associated with an automatic three speed transmission. An airbag on the driver's side was introduced in 1990. A great braking system, antilock could be found in the case of 1990 to 1993 models.

Anyway the production of this car stopped in 1993. But if you still enjoy driving Dodge Dynasty cars, our company can offer you the best services in the domain of car parts for any type of car.

We can offer you body parts, suspensions, direction and engine parts, brakes, electrical parts, as well as parts which need to be replaced because they were damaged in time or because of accidents. Besides we can offer you as well parts which are absolutely original. Our company works directly with the car parts importers and they are always aware of their offers and stocks as well.

When you offer us our personal details you can be sure that they are absolutely confidential. If you doubt this you can at least check our products lists and when you'll see that they are of high quality you'll be totally trustful. We have never disappointed our customers, but they recommended further on our products.

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