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Dodge Daytona

Dodge Daytona cars were launched by the platform Chrysler G, a platform derived from K Chrysler platform. Nowadays Dodge Daytona cars are not produced any more. The first Dodge Daytona car was introduced in 1984 and they stopped production in 1993. But its features have not disappeared, as they can be found in the Laser Chrysler model. You have to know that the Daytona was not at all a monotonous type of car, as it was upgraded twice: once in 1987 and the second time in 1992. At that time it looked like a great combination of Conquest, Charger and Challenger from Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Motors built in 1995 a model called Dodge Avenger, which replaced Daytona. When you see the word Daytona you can think of hot, sandy beaches located in Florida and more precisely of Daytona Beach where a car race was organized.

At the beginning Dodge Daytona was equipped with an engine of 2.2 liters, a K Chrysler one, based on normal aspiration or turbo charge. In 1986 a K engine of 2.5 liters was built in. The horsepower of the "I turbo" 2.2 liters engine reached 146 hp in 1985. In 1984, Dodge Daytona could be sold in three versions: Turbo Z, Turbo and standard. There were sold about 49,347 Dodge Daytona new cars. This model had known glorious days in 1984, when it was listed in the top ten cars of the year by a magazine called "Car and driver". In 1987 Dodge Daytona and Laser Chrysler were equipped with a voice alert system, an electronic one. In 1987 was launched a Daytona Shelby.

Nowadays Dodge Daytona cars are still reliable, even if they are not new, but used or they can be sold only for their parts. If you are fond of mechanics and you liked making models or solving puzzles when you were a child, now you have the opportunity to get pieces just like dr. Frankenstein did, but unlike him, you won't create a monster, but a super hero, which can be the car of your dreams. You can find on our site any car part you need and we are sure that if you visit us once you'll tell your friends too and we can even open a retro club. Doesn't it sound interesting?

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