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Dodge Spirit

In 1989 the Chrysler Corporation first introduced a new car called the Dodge Spirit and this car was manufactured until 1995. This was a mid-sized car that could seat 5 - 6 passengers and was meant to at some point replace the Aries model, which was a little bit smaller. However, sales were unexpectedly high and more than 60,000 cars were sold during the first year of production and were even the reason that Chrysler stopped manufacturing the Aries right in the middle of the production season. Although sales of this model were strong, it was considered by the experts to be inferior to the competitor models and were only such good sellers due to the low purchasing price.

The Dodge Spirit was built as a four door sedan on an AA platform, which was really nothing other than a long version of the K platform. There were several transmissions available for the Spirit and under them also many manual transmissions, but nonetheless only a few cars really had a manual transmission and the majority of the Spirits were automatic.

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