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Dodge Durango

It is an SUV of mid size based on Dodge Dakota which was produced in the 1980s, as a pickup model. Dodge Durango can transport about seven passengers and it can support a weight of about 6,700 lb. In 2000 its engine was a 4.7 liters one, actually a V8 Power Tech apart from another version of 5.9 liters engine of V8.

In 2001 the interior of the car was redesigned, therefore it was offered a new dash, new seats and door panels. Trim options suffered minor changes as well as aluminum wheels which were redesigned.

Furthermore, a Dodge Durango pickup model included a frame which was fully boxed. If you want to compare it with the previous model we can only say that it is taller, longer and wider than it and it is equipped with a new row of three seats, therefore becoming almost an SUV full size.

In 2007 the latest model has a new look: headlamps, hood, grille and fascia and upgraded wheels and fenders as well. New characteristics are rear park aid, a monitoring system for tire pressure, a stability program, from the electronic point of view, too. A hybrid model will also be launched as a reply to the customers' requirements that seems to prefer this type.

So the hybrid version will be equipped with a 5.7 liters engine which will lead to fuel economy on the highway and in the city as well.

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