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Dodge Intrepid

Dodge Intrepid was produced for the first time in 1993 and its production stopped in 2004. Its main features are: it is a sedan based on front wheel drive, it is a full size car and it has four doors. You can consider it quite large. Its customers were mostly from Canada.

Furthermore, its design is a cab forward one, with slung, low windshield and quite short overhangs. It appears that the wheels are positioned in the corners of the Dodge Intrepid. Thus you can feel that there is more room for passengers there.

When the chassis was re-worked it looked really flexible, being able to sustain rear or front wheel drive and the automatic transmission is surprisingly advanced.

As far as Dodge Intrepid engine is concerned, we can tell you that the latest one is the 3.5 liters V6 engine, an advanced one.

So you have all the reasons to love your Dodge Intrepid car and to take care of it as long as possible. But sometimes there are bad intentioned persons for example who get upset because you have parked in their area and in the morning you can see a new scratch on your car or your glass cleaners were just bent. We can say that we are able to help you replacing the car part which was damaged, but if the damage is not that significant you can fix the problem on your own and we can only offer you the suggestions necessary. You have to study very well the nature of the scratch and you have to know that the best remedy in this case is polishing. Sometimes you can use only polishing cream if a scratch is just superficial. Moreover we can offer you some corrector pencils in different colors which can replace polishing successfully if the scratch is deeper. You can only ask us and we'll be ready to help you with precious advice and high quality products.

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