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Dodge Stratus Coupe

The Dodge Stratus Coupe was first put out on the market in 2001 and was built in Illinois, USA up until 2005. Unlike the sedan, the two door coupe had its origins by Mitsubishi Motors and not from Chrysler. The coupe version of the Stratus is not really the same thing as the sedan version of this car. In fact, the main similarities between the two versions can be found on the outside in the form of the styling, and that is just to give the impression that these two cars which share the same name are related to each other.

The Dodge Stratus Coupe is actually based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and was only renamed Stratus by Chrysler. The coupe version is built on a Chrysler ST-22 platform, unlike the sedans which have a JA or JR platform. Even the two available engines, a 2.4 4V and 3.0 6V were both made by Mitsubishi. There were two transmissions that could be chosen from, a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic.

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