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Dodge Diplomat

The word "diplomat" can be associated with politics, and as politicians have always had luxury cars, Dodge Diplomat can't be but an elegant car, even if it is not a very large one. Chrysler Corporation, actually the Dodge brand of it, introduced the first Dodge Diplomat model in 1977 and in 1989 they stopped production. In 1977 in Canada there was sold another aristocratic car called Chrysler Le Baron, apart from Plymouth Caravelle. Furthermore, a similar type of car, Gran Fury Plymouth was sold in Canada as well since 1982. In 1980 and in 1981 it was sold in Mexico under the name of Dodge Dart and it was called Dodge coronet in Colombia.

In 1950 the name Diplomat was used to describe a body style based on hardtop of two doors, but the version De Soto, manufactured for export bore this name even since 1946. In 1961 it wasn't used anymore for DeSoto. From 1975 to 1977, the Royal Monaco hardtop of two doors bore the name Diplomat too.

The Dodge Diplomat was provided on the basis of an engine in six cylinders of 225 cube inches. Under the form V8, in 318 cube inches together with the similar model of Gran Fury Plymouth it was used as police car in the USA. The Dodge Diplomat was perceived as the greatest sedan of the Dodge models.

Even if this model hasn't been produced since 1989, the Dodge Diplomat was used for law enforcement and as fleet vehicle for taxi cab. In 1988 these cars were equipped with airbag on the side of the driver and with column tilt steering type.

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