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Dodge Lancer

Dodge Lancer style is not an aggressive one, but we can say that it is a sports car, fact which results from its frontal part, but the front winds lines and the body ones are quite soft and gentle. Dodge Lancer optical blocks are large and their shape is rounded, sheltering the direction change signalers. Everything is protected by a transparent window pane. Dodge Lancer is quite a fashionable, classical car, but the thresholds profiled next to the front or rear wheels come to underline the car's race breed.

Dodge Lancer is available in three engine versions which cover a range of power between 82 and 135 horsepower. From the fuel consumption point of view we can assure you that this car is one of the most reliable ones and the noise level is quite low. Besides it is made of high quality materials and the interior design can be appreciated even by the most sophisticated people. Standard versions are equipped with CD player, four airbags, windows and mirrors which are activated electrically.

Lancer car parts if your car creates trouble. Moreover, you can benefit from our pieces of advice without ant payment. For example we can help you solve the problem of your air conditioning system if it spreads an unpleasant smell in your car. The smell might not be quite a problem if it did not affect sensitive people with breathing problems or allergic ones. One of our suggestions would be that after some km, before stopping the car to turn off the air conditioning system and to start ventilation for 3 - 4 minutes at the maximum level in order to get your evaporator dry. Besides you can use antibacterial sprays. We have studied these aspects and many others, especially for you, in order to have not only a customer, but also a friend who will always ask for our high quality products and services.

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