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One of the full size sport utility vehicle which was into the city is the Dodge Durango. The latest smaller version of this car is known as the Dodge Nitro and it is also known as the mid-sized UV. The car is popular with its aesthetic value and also stands out in the SUV market of the mid size SUV's. It is almost twenty two inches smaller than the Dodge Durango. The most important feature of this car is its boxy design which makes it one of the best.

The square shape does not project its interior space outside, but when seen inside it's surprisingly spacious much more than a person could think from its outer appearance. It has the real thing what a spot enthusiast would be looking in an SUV and it's the high seating positions attained by the spacious interior design. Apart from the comfort of the seat, there is enough space for headrest as well as for the leg.

The primary problem that arises in SUV's is that it is difficult to seat the older generation at the back, but Dodge Nitro does not have such a problem as it accommodates them very well with comfort.

The added advantage of this mid-SUV is that the seats could be folded except the driver's seat so that more luggages could be accommodated. This is known as Load 'n' go which is not found in all SUV's. Towards the rear bumper the sliding cargo floor moves which makes the loading of heavy goods easily. is the site which is dedicated to make each vehicle look the best. Stylish looks could be added to this wonderful and comfortable SUV with various Dodge parts available at out website which aims at customers who would love to make their vehicle very special. The varying parts which are available are windshield, front bumpers, molding and impact strips and even wheel covers. It is as simple as logging into the website and an online purchase would mean everything to you.

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