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Dodge 600

Dodge 600 was launched by Chrysler Corporation in 1983. 600 was an E-Class luxury car that was introduced as a mid size car and lasted till 1988 model year. The production stopped in 1988. Dodge 600 was produced mainly in competition with General Motors' A-body vehicles. Other competing automobiles included Mercedes Benz models, Chevy Celebrity and Ford Fairmont.

Dodge 600 was available as a four door sedan, two door coupe, and two door convertible. Two main trim levels were produced including Dodge 600 base and Dodge 600 ES (which was an abbreviation for 'Euro/Sedan'). There were five-speed manual and three speed automatic transmission systems. The engine came as 2.2 L 4 cylinder engine with 2.6 K Mitsubishi engine as optional.

Dodge 600 was equipped with traditional features like electronic voice alert system and digital dashboard. In 1985, wheel base was increased. In addition, 1985 was the last year when ES trim level was produced. It was then replace by Dodge 600 SE trim level. The 600 was replaced by Dynasty in 1988 and Spirit in 1989. Total number of vehicles produced in six years of production was 309,590. The car was generally believed to be a fuel efficient vehicle.

Since Dodge 600 was in operation for relatively a smaller period, it is difficult to get its spare parts if you own one of these. However, you can find all parts, including Dodge 600 gas tank, Dodge 600 steel wheel, Dodge 600 front and rear bumpers, and other body parts at iAutoBodyParts. We believe in providing you optimal quality with least price. Hence, all the parts that we offer come with a life time warranty and cost well below the OEM prices. You can contact us through our toll free number 1-800-755-6922 to find out about a specific Dodge 600 part that you are looking for. We accept all forms of credit cards and you can also pay online for the parts that you decide to purchase from us.

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