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Pontiac 6000

The Pontiac 1000 was produced between 1982 and 1991 by General Motors and assembled in the plants in Oklahoma, US and Ontario, Canada. It was eventually replaced by the Grand Prix.The Pontiac 6000 model is categorized as a mid-size car and it is built on the A body platform. There are three body styles that were available and they were the 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan and 4 door station wagon. The engine was found in the front and there was front wheel drive, however there were also four wheel drive versions for the STE trim. There were three engines that were built into the Pontiac 6000 ranging from the smaller, economical 2.5 L 4 cylinder to the 2.8 L V6 and up to the 3.1 L V6 engine. There were also three transmissions to choose from and they were the 3 or 4 speed automatic versions or the 5 speed manual transmission. There was one special trim of the Pontiac 6000 known as the STE and it was not only equipped like a standard sports car, it was also more lavish in all of its equipment and styling.

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