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About Mazda

Mazda is a Japanese branding for the company known as Mazda Motor Corporation that is located in Hiroshima, Japan. They are one of the leading producers of vehicles on the market today and have been projected to produce as much as 1.25 million vehicles per year as of 2006. They have marketed and sold the vehicles all over the world with major divisions in areas such as North America, Europe, Japan and Latin America.

The company is today run mainly by the Ford Motor Company that holds a controlling interest in the company of 33.4%. The name of the company also has meaning. It is derived from the term Ahura Mazda which translates as transcendental God of Aoroastrianism. It is also thought that the name Mazda was derived from the name of the creator of the company Jujiro Matsuda. Mazda means wisdom in the Avestan language but the belief really lies that the name comes from the founder's name.

The company has its origins in the company called Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. Ltd and was founded in the year 1920. This company initially made machine tools and then switched to vehicle in 1931 when they produced the Mazda-Go. When the company formally took the Mazda name all vehicles took that name with them. While the Ford Company owned as much as 15% interest they were able to take the controlling interest when the company hit some financial bumps.

Ford continued to sell badge engineered Mazdas in the Asian and Australian markets and then used the Mazda models to get in the retail game in Japan. The reverse also occurred in the European markets with the Ford vehicles being sold by Mazda. There collaboration has ensured the survival of both these popular brands around the world.

Mazda has continued to make optimum performance vehicles that are desired by many on the market. They provide top performance parts and the engine and the turbo on the vehicles are some of the best performers on the market today. Many impressive vehicles have been produced under this branding and they continue to live up to the Mazda name for great performance. With their dedication to engineering and design the company has moved a long way in the automotive industry and is top of the line.

Mazda Parts

The vehicles manufactured by Mazda are one of a kind and unique. They have achieved great quality with superior designing. The rotary engines in some Mazda are recognized for their great performance and quality. There are many Mazda vehicles on the market today and these include the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 and many others. You will require a range of parts to match the model and year of the Mazda that you own. Online in the catalogue you will be able to easily locate a mass of high quality parts for your Mazda and keep your vehicle in prime performing condition.

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