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Mazda Cronos

The Mazda Cronos was produced by Mazda from 1993 until 1997. It was sold as the 626 in the United States. It was one of a series of cars produced on this GE platform during this time, and the big plan of Mazda was to at least double its overall sales around the world. This, however, did not happen, and the Mazda Cronos was a sales failure just like its closely related models. It was built as a 4 door sedan and that was the only body type available. Although it was succeeded by the Cappella in 1994, it was still produced and sold in some parts of the world until 1997. The Mazda Corporation has claimed that the width of the Mazda Cronos was the main reason that this car was unsuccessful in the sales. The width was more than 1700 mm which made it fall in a higher tax group and this deterred many from purchasing the car. This was solved through redesigning the Mazda Cronos and eventually a new body platform, the GF basis, was made standard and thus, in 1997 the new platform was introduced and the Cronos was discontinued for good and the name was dropped from the Mazda lineup.

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