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Mazda Protege

The Mazda Protege was first introduced to the market in 1990 and was manufactured until 2003. It was the same car as the GLC and 323, just that the name Protege was given to the North American sedan variation starting in 1990. This model was more expensive than the cars being sold by the competition and that was probably mostly due to the fact that it was assembled throughout the years at the Hiroshima plant in Japan. Despite this fact, it was a good selling car and ultimately almost 11 million cars of this type were sold.

The Mazda Protege was first classified as a subcompact, but starting with the 1990 models it was then categorized as a compact which is a process that only rarely has been done by any car. There were many choices to be made when a new Mazda Protege was going to be purchased, such as which of the many engines were to be used or if it should have a manual or automatic transmission.

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