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About Chrysler

The Chrysler company was founded on June 6th, 1925 by its namesake Walter P. Chrysler when there was the reorganization of the Maxwell Motor Company into the Chrysler family of business. Truth be told Walter Chrysler had arrived at the company a few years earlier in a bid to save the establishment and introduced the new Chrysler model in 1924. This vehicle was well accepted for its great features and performance.

The first Chrysler vehicle was a 6-cylinder automobile and this provided a vehicle that was well advanced for its time and a well-engineered vehicle as well. It was also a very affordable vehicle and this was a great appeal. The Maxwell brand was then dropped after 1925. A new line of 4-cylinder Chryslers were then introduced and these were lowered priced vehicles as well. Really the Maxwell was reengineered and re-branded but this marked the start of the Company under the new president Walter Chrysler.

Today the Chrysler company is still alive and has formed a part of the Daimler-Benz company and is now known as DaimlerChrysler AG. It is today considered the Chrysler Group. The company still encountered some financial troubles but with cost-sutting by sharing of platforms and more the company revived with the production of the Chrysler Crossfire and the return to rear wheel drive in 2004. The newer vehicles were hits and the financial performance of the company improved and Chrysler began to contribute significantly to the Mercedes Car Group profits with its branding.

The Chrysler logo is today well recognized by all. Chrysler has had to its name two main logos. The winged logo that has been adapted from the original sign over the years and the Pentastar as well. These logos are both still used by Chrysler but there has been some switching between the two over the years. Today there is supposed to be a switch towards the Pentastar but most likely the wings will still appear from time to time.

Chrysler Parts

Chrysler is a great competitor in its class and is well known for its great features and the durability of it parts. The market today offers many parts for your Chrysler vehicle. These are of all types of size, colors and shapes designed to meet the needs of your particular Chrysler vehicle model and to match its specifications. There are performance parts, OEM parts, aftermarket parts and replacement parts all to meet your particular requirements. If you prefer factory parts then these are available as well. Whatever model of Chrysler that you have you can be guaranteed of locating the parts you need.

Chrysler vehicle are designed to last you through the years and once they are well maintained they will continue to provide you with great service. Keep your Chrysler in great condition and replace parts when they need replacing and you will find reliability in your Chrysler. Source your Chrysler parts today and be on the way towards having your Chrysler with you through the years.

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