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Chrysler TC:

The Chrysler TC was a very daring and interesting car. Although named Chrysler TC, where the TC is an abbreviation for "touring coupe", it was a joint venture - between the Chrysler Corporation and the Italian car manufacturer Maserati.

The Chrysler TC was classified as a grand tourer and was hand built in Italy from 1989 until 1991. There was only the 2 door convertible body style available. This is a relatively hard to find car since there were a total of 7,300 cars made during the three years of production, and of those only approximately 4000 were actually sold.There were three engines for the Chrysler TC, two four cylinder versions with 2.2 L (one of which was turbocharged) and a 3.0 L V6 that was made by Mitsubishi. Three different transmissions were also available, two automatic (3 or 4 speed) and a 5 speed manual. There were many special parts for the Chrysler TC, such as the ABS system which was exclusively made for this model by a company based in Texas and the wheel, which came from Italy, and were manufactured by the same company that made wheels for racing cars.

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