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Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima was initially known on the market as the Nissan Bluebird. This is a vehicle that is classes as a mid sized sports sedan and that was a descendent of the popular Datsun 810. The vehicle has a powerful engine and was one of the vehicles that were introduced as only rear wheel drive in the year 1981. The engine used in the vehicle was a Datsun 240Z engine and this was a vehicle that has seen great success in terms of longevity on the market. These vehicles are still being manufactured today. There were however some changes to the design of the vehicles.

The Nissan Maxima saw its first front wheel drive version in the year 1984. This was a vehicle that was offered in both automatic and manual configurations. Then in the year 1988 the station wagons line was halted. In 1989 the model called the J30 was introduced to the market. This engine offered horse power as much as 160. The design of these vehicles was very sharp and they were considered to be the best looking of the Maxima. There were many more changes over the years and the vehicle in its 20th anniversary also got an increase in horse power from previous designs that included as much as 222 hp. This vehicle continues to be a success on the market. There is a great balance between the sport and the luxury that are required of this vehicle.

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