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About Volkswagen

Volkswagen became a symbol and economical part of West German regeneration and by 1955, one million Volkswagens were sold. With innovative advertising campaigns and of course the beginning of Herbie in 1969, Volkswagen had earned its place in the American heart. It simplicity in design and engineering allowed it to be a car anyone could learn to work on and it wasn't uncommon to see the Volkswagen Van filled with concert goers and hippie travelers and the roadside mechanic doing simple repairs.

By the 80's the VW Golf, Scirocco, Jetta and Cabriolet convertible had hit the scene and Volkswagen maintained it's position as a vehicle manufacturer in the United States. The redistribution of the VW Beatle in 1998 resurrected the Volkswagen cult and many baby boomers purchased the new Beatle and enjoyed the increase in power and technology that came with the new millennium Volkswagen Beattle.

The Volkswagen has produced several sports models including the Volkswagen GTI, that many young enthusiasts use as a tuner car, installing upgraded performance parts and involving nitrous kits as well as air scoop hoods and racing wheels and brakes. These Tuner Cars include not just Volkswagens, but also certain models of Hondas, Toyotas and other foreign manufactured vehicles, with a favorite of Beach Enthusiast being the Baja Bug from Volkswagen.

VW Parts - Volkswagen Auto Body Parts

Volkswagen was one of the first car manufactures to install diesel engines to increase fuel efficiency and engine life. You will still see a few of the Volkswagen Jetta's and Rabbits rolling through town with diesel engines purring away. So whether your repairing a new millennium Volkswagen or restoring an original Herbie, you can now find replacement body parts that come with a guarantee of fit and a Lifetime guarantee for rust through and perforation. has been supplying the body parts for Volkswagens for almost 40 years and have developed a shipping and receiving system that will guarantee your replacement body parts for your car to arrive safely and economically and a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your Volkswagen.

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