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About Jeep

The Jeep is name is one that is well recognized and used across the board by many to refer to the vehicles of this type. It is however a registered trade name of the DaimlerChrysler Company and has been since the merger of Chrysler and Daimler Benz in 1998. These vehicles are off road vehicles that are used for navigating what is often termed as jeep trails. One such famous trail is the Rubicon Trail in California.

The term jeep has several notions as to its origins. Some notions are very far fetched and others that may be possibilities. One of the best known and popular is the one that the vehicle bore the term GP and this was slurred into Jeep. The meaning of the GP is not well known and some believe this meant General Purpose while others believe the GP may have come from some other nomenclature related to G for government use and P for the wheelbase.

There is however other claims that the term came from Eugene the Jeep in the Popeye comic strip. The character was quite versatile and it is thought that this translated to the versatility of the vehicle and that soldier coined the name in relation to this. There are many other possibilities but whatever the reason the term jeep stuck and we know these vehicles today as jeeps.

The trademark jeep status is held by DaimlerChrysler and they continue to use the term on vehicles that match this profile. These vehicles have a great history and have served their nation well. The heritage of the jeep is one of the best in the auto industry and the jeep brand has become synonymous with four wheel drive innovation and recreational off road driving. Jeeps are today used on the roads as well as off road and fit well in either use. These vehicles offer great performance and style as well.

The success of the jeep may be due mainly to its success as a military vehicle. In the war the jeep was known to outlast the enemy's vehicles and this made it a very popular vehicle after the war. The civilian form was demanded and this led to the release for general purpose use and led to the reputation of this vehicle. Jeep has been made for over sixty year now and still is a high quality Sports Utility Vehicle that has many fans.

The Jeep is known for its innovation and technology today and sets the bar high for the other four by four makers around the world. With models like the Jeep Hurricane the DaimlerChrysler company continues to produce a vehicle that is powerful but still maintains its maneuverability. There is no stopping the innovation of the jeep today and in the future.

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