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Jeep Comanche

The Jeep Comanche was a pickup version of the Cherokee compact SUV. It was produced from 1986 to 1992. With this model Rear-wheel and four-drive models were available.

The special features of this model were its unique structure, powerful suspension, drive train. The Comanche was a unibody vehicle; it was the first pickup truck in true manner. In order to make it more economical the engineers kept the body, styling and suspension to the same as it was in the Jeep Cherokee. The engineers designed the vehicle with two models one was long-bed model, and another one was short-bed model.

The engineer made the Jeep Comanche was made by using the front suspension of the Jeep Cherokee, with coil fittings and upper and lower control arms. And for the rear suspension, they used leaf springs that were longer that what were used in Cherokee model to give Comanche a smoother and more capacity of load bearing.

The model also offered the selection of engines. In the beginning stage of its launch the vehicle could be equipped with the three engines which were most popular among the buyers.

Other changes according to the buyers' choice also started in 1991 that was change in hood. One of the good reactions of change in hood was that the 4.0 L engine gained 13 hp while the 2.5 L directly jumped to 117 to 125 hp. That was the most positive thing about the product.

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