Bumpers are an essential component for the safe operation of your vehicle. They help insure the safety of you, the driver, but also of your passengers. And bumpers help reduce damage to your vehicle as well as other vehicles. That is part of their function.

Bumpers originally were made of spring steel. The idea was to deflect the force of an impact. Modern bumpers are based on a design from Formula One racecars. Bumpers today absorb some of the impact of a collision, thereby making riding in a truck, automobile, van or SUV safer. When a moderate- or high-speed collision occurs modern bumpers partially collapse and/or fall apart from the impact. This helps dissipate the force that would normally cause injury to you and your passengers or damage to your vehicle. Old-fashioned stiff bumpers, although strong, attempted to deflect the force of an accident. Unfortunately they did not do a very good job of this. So while the bumper often remained intact after an accident, more people were injured than with modern force-absorbing bumpers.

When you are in an accident, however minor, and your bumpers get scratched, dented, or smashed, you will need to replace them quickly, not only so that your car, truck, van or SUV still looks good, but to retain the safety margin that working bumpers provide.

Bumpers are available from many sources. These include auto parts stores, dealers, discount stores, and online stores. You can choose from new bumpers, OEM bumpers, and aftermarket bumpers.

It is not always necessary or even preferable to buy bumpers new. Used bumpers are available from a wide range of sources. These include salvage yards, used car dealers, used parts dealers, body shops, and repair shops. You can also purchase used bumpers online.

Purchasing used can often save you 50% or more. And if you purchase a used bumper from a reputable source and taken from a vehicle that is an exact match for yours, you can be assured that the bumper will fit your vehicle perfectly.

But our OEM, new part, and aftermarket bumper suppliers make it a point, in fact they have made it their business to manufacture bumpers that are easy to install and will fit your vehicle perfectly also.

Almost all bumpers today are made of plastic resins that can be easily shaped, contoured and painted to blend with the stylish lines of today's vehicles. While they have a stylish appeal, modern bumpers also yield maximum protection for you and your passengers.

Plastic bumpers can also be recycled, making them an asset to efforts towards keeping plastic out of landfills.

So if you have damaged your bumpers by hitting an object or another vehicle, or if your bumpers are worn out, scuffed, cracked, or dented, contact a body parts supplier or parts store to order a new, used or aftermarket replacement. Many of these companies have online catalogs and internet search services, too, to help customers quickly locate the bumper they need.