Refurbished and Rebuilt Parts


Look here for refurbished and rebuild auto, truck, van and SUV parts.

You are going to need new parts when you need to replace your brakes, clutch, or other wear items. But why not think used, refurbished or rebuilt for parts like transmissions, engines, air conditioning compressors, and alternators?

Our refurbishers are experts at making a part operate as good or better than the original. How can they do this? By using better-than-the-original materials to rebuild your part.

Take an alternator. Our rebuilders use the housing, brackets and magnets from the original unit. But they install new windings, brushes, contacts, and wiring to make your rebuilt alternator look and operate like a new unit. This rebuilt alternator is guaranteed to give you many years of reliable service.

It's the same with transmissions. Our rebuilders clean the unit, then replace all seals, bearing, bands and any other part that is worn or stressed. After they refill it with new transmission fluid, you have a transmission ready to run many thousands of miles without giving you any problems.

Our engine refurbishers are second-to-none. When s/he refurbishes an engine, first s/he removes all plugs and cleans all the parts. Then the technician examines the oil galleys in order to make sure oil will flow to all parts after the engine is rebuilt, and inspects the block for cracks. Next, s/he re-bores the cylinders up to the next size and installs new pistons, rings, bearings, and sprockets. S/he then re-grinds the camshaft, replaces all seals and plugs, and installs a new timing chain or belt. The technician also installs push rods, rocker arms, lifters and a rebuilt or new oil pump.

Cylinder head work includes installing new valve guides and resurfacing the valves. The tech then vacuum and pressure tests the head. S/he cleans the engine again before reassembly, then re-adjusts the valves, and checks the cylinder compression and oil pressure. Final inspection includes listening for unusual sounds and checking for oil leaks. Your rebuilt engine is then ready to be installed.

Many parts can be refurbished to save you the expense of buying new. These include radiators. A radiator rebuild specialist checks for bent, corroded, or missing fins and replaces or repairs what he or she can. If necessary, s/he recores the unit. The tech boils out the reservoir and replaces the cap and drain valve. The result is a radiator that costs a fraction of the cost of a new unit, but one that will give you the driver/owner many miles of carefree service.

So when you are in need of a part, first think refurbished or rebuilt. This includes most engine parts, transmissions, crate engines, electrical parts, and air conditioning components. Our refurbishers are experts in their field, with many years of training and experience in providing rebuilt and refurbished parts that look like new and perform like new but do not cost like new.