Preventing Rust - Part III


Continue your rustproofing routine by remove any fiber insulation from under the hood. Then apply fluid to all reinforcing channels and ribs on the underside of the hood area. Give special attention to the side, rear, and front side-beams to make sure you apply enough fluid to permeate all the layers of metal. As you did with the tailgate, close the hood after you have applied the rustproofer so that fluid travels down to the front seam.

Treat the joints between the quarter panels and the body, including the bolts and washers. Spray underneath and behind the front "slam" panel, on the seams between the inner panel and the bulkhead, and around the side light and headlight openings. Insert the nozzle up into the windshield bulkhead on either side, spraying as you withdraw it.

Apply fluid to the tops of the shock absorbers. Hit the nuts, studs and the panels that overlap on the turrets, varying the angle so you cover everything.

For spraying underneath the car, you will need to wear old clothing and something to cover your hair. It is a messy job. Remember gloves and a face mask. Caution: Safely raise and secure the vehicle under which you are working.

Spray the thin fluid all over and into every seam, then you will need to cover every surface with the thicker material. Note: remember to warm this material every 20 minutes by placing the container in hot water.

Start at the front of the vehicle and work backwards, spraying the material while it is still thin and warm. Make sure there are no gaps and that you spray evenly. When applying over fuel and brake lines, make a couple of passes and spray at angles to make sure you get everything.

Poke a piece of stiff wire into the drain holes of each rocker panel, then push the nozzle into each hole, spraying as you withdraw it. Rustproofer should spill out of the hole if you have applied enough.

Spray along the cross members using the many drain holes provided. Treat all other underbody parts as well.

Cover all brake drums and shoes with plastic to protect them from spray. If your vehicle has rubber splash shields in the wheel wells, remove them in order to get at the metal behind. Apply fluid to all hidden seams and surfaces, especially the outer wheel well seams. Spray outward from inside the wheel well to insure a good seal and good penetration.

The last part of the job is to clean up any overspray. Look especially on the rocker panels - fluid may have dripped out from the door drain ports. Clean the windshield wiper blades and use glass cleaner to clean off any fluid from windows. Finally, dip all grommets into rustproofing fluid before replacing them into their holes so you get a good seal.