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Chevy Beretta

Chevrolet introduced Beretta in 1987 and continued it till 1996 before ceasing the production of this automobile. It was a two door coupe which was designed with an aerodynamic look that was used by the competitors like Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable. This look gave the car the required popularity in the target United States markets.

The base engine was the four cylinder, 2.8 liter fuel injected V6. This is impressive as Beretta had a curb weight of around 2,6000 pounds only. It was found out that the car used to take 8 seconds to reach from zero to fifty miles an hour speed.

The Beretta was launched in competition with Toyota Celica, Nissan Pulsar NX, Honda Acura Integra and Ford Mustang. The starting cost of the car when it was launched in 1985 was kept at around $11,755 which was quite a high price at that time.

The Chevy Beretta was around 187 inches in length and the wheelbase was 103.4 inch. The car was equipped with a standard AM radio with dual front speakers, dual sport mirrors, power steering and power brakes, tinted glass and center console. The Chevy Beretta used to have a spacious trunk with a lot of room for cargo.

The Chevrolet Beretta was also widely used as fleet cards and this is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this Chevy car. From the inside, Beretta is capacious though Chevrolet and General Motors could have done better in this area as the rear seats have some problems with the lack of headroom. Overall though, it's a good choice to have in your collection.

We have full range of spare parts for your Chevy Beretta at affordable costs. This includes Beretta front end bumper, Beretta steel wheel and wheel cover, Beretta gas tank and Beretta radiator support. Our prices are quite low than the usual OEM rates, and they come with a lifetime warranty thus making it an offer hard to decline.

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