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About Yugo

The Yugo was economical and usually came with a small horsepower engine such as the 45 hp .91L up to the 65hp 1.3L engine, with a curb weight of only 825kg to 920kg, or 1,786lbs. This little subcompact was related to the small Fiat 128 and Fiat 127. Interesting to note was the fact that the Yugo GV was often modified along with other "Tuner Cars" for street racing because of the familiarity with Fiat racing.

The Yugo's rough reputation came from most United States owners feeling that because of the $3,999 base price that the car was disposable and regular maintenance and servicing was not performed. Those that followed the factory specifications on maintenance including the timing belt change at 40,000 miles found the car to be reliable and easy to maintain as well as economical.

Along with the cult following for the Yugo, comes the small American jokes concerning the Yugo horsepower, jokes including the only way to get to 60 miles an hour on a Yugo is to drive off a cliff, the fact that Yugo's now come with airbags and that if you feel an impending collision, you must blow the airbag up yourself. Or the back window defroster, a way to keep your hands warm when pushing, all of these jokes are usually taken in a good frame of mind by the Yugo owner and with the understanding of those who maintain their Yugo regularly that they drive an economical car that is less expensive to drive than most and being the butt of jokes just comes with the ownership.

Yugo Auto Body Parts

Although the Yugo is no longer imported or built in the United States, you can still find body replacement parts and repair parts for you Yugo. Here at we carry Yugo replacement body parts. That means that you can have your Yugo looking as good on the outside, as you have maintained the inside. Yugo aftermarket, OEM, and original body replacement parts from come with a guarantee to fit and a lifetime guarantee on rust and perforation. So while you maintain your Yugo and keep your economical little car, maintain the exterior with replacement body parts.

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