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About Volvo

Volvo has consistently introduced new safety features with their vehicles including the 1944 safety cage, 1964 front disc brakes, 1966 rear windscreen defrosters, 1972 childproof locks on rear doors, 1974 energy absorbing bumpers, 1978 child safety booster cushion, 1987 the drivers side airbag, 1998 whiplash protection system, 2004 blind spot information system installed in the mirrors, and in 2006 collision warning with brake support. As you can see Volvo has consistently thought of the safety of their drivers and passengers.

With all of the safety information that is installed in your Volvo, it is well known that Volvos are boxy, but secure, and for those who drive the Volvo they appreciate the safety features, sturdiness, and luxurious appointments that make driving a Volvo an experience.

Volvo is one of the only cars manufactured and given numerical numbers instead of names. This designation, since 1968, included a three number system, the first number was the series of Volvo, interestingly enough the second number is the number of cylinders within the engine compartment, and the third designated the number of doors. This numbering system for Volvos was a quick way to know what kind of Volvo you were driving, giving you information immediately concerning your particular Volvo.

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If you are driving a Volvo, you know you're driving a safe vehicle, and if you've had an accident, mishap, or collision you'd like to get it repaired as soon as possible. carries your Volvo body replacement parts. offers you a full warrantee on body replacement parts and fit with a lifetime guarantee on rust and perforation for as long as you own your Volvo. Volvo's were made to last, be safe, and have proven to be one of the longest lasting vehicles on the road today, so purchase your body replacement parts that will last as long as your Volvo from a company that has been in the business of body replacement parts for almost 40 years,

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