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Toyota Tundra Pickup

The Toyota Tundra Pickup was the replacement model for the T100 pickup. It first came out onto the market in 2000 and is also categorized as being a full-sized pickup. It is produced solely in the United States, the one plant is in Texas and the other is in Indiana. The Toyota Tundra pickup truck was larger than its predecessor, the T100, but the American consumers still considered it too small to be a real pickup. This was a disappointment since this truck did have the much demanded V8 engine and even won many awards, for example, the Motor Trend's award as "Truck of the Year" in the year 2000. However, the sales were much better than for the T100 and were only just under the yearly expectations, but Toyota had plans to take a larger market share. This did not happen and Ford and General Motors did not suffer at all from the fact that the Toyota Tundra was out on the market. In 2006, Toyota introduced a new generation of Tundra Pickup trucks. This new version came with many different options and a total of 31 body styles were available. New to this generation were also the 6 speed automatic transmission, increased towing capability and increased payload capacity.

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