Aftermarket Toyota T100 Pickup Parts

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Toyota T100 Pickup

The T100 Pickup is a full sized pickup truck that was produced by Toyota from 1993 - 1998. At first this truck was built in Japan, but in 1996 production was transferred over to the plant in Indiana, USA. Until then, it was actually the only pickup model of a Japanese car company that was still manufactured outside of the United States. The move was more than likely based on the fact that all the Toyota T100 which were solely put together in Tokyo, Japan, had to have a 25% tariff tax added on to the price.

Although considered and categorized as a full sized pickup, it was noticeably smaller than its competitors, such as the Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram, and there was no possibility for a V8 engine. These two drawbacks are assumed to be the main reasons for the weak sales. Compared to other full-sized pickup trucks at that time, the sales remained level and were generally lagging behind those of the other car manufacturers. The advantages of the T100, such as the good fuel economy and its reputation for being reliable, were not enough to make it a big seller. First in 1995 did Toyota add a larger, 3.4 L V6 engine as an option, but it was still not the V8 engine which the consumers seemed to demand.

In 1998 Toyota decided to discontinue the production of the T100 model and the successor was then the Toyota Tundra, which was larger in size.

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