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Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra was produced from 1979 to 2002 by the Toyota Motor Company. It is technically classified as a sports car grand tourer because it has not only offers a sporty, powerful engine but also provides passengers amenities such as handling and comfort of a touring car. The Supra has its roots in the Toyota Celica, and it was actually a more enhanced and expensive version of the Celica. These two cars are even often mistaken for another due to their similarities and until 1986, they even shared a name and it was known as the Toyota Celica Supra.

The Toyota Supra was also a pioneer and featured important new technologies. For example, it was the first Toyota made car to have an electronic fuel injection and also the first of its make to have a turbocharged engine along with ABS brakes.

There were two trim available of this car, the base trim and the Supra Turbo. The Turbo version was the first real variation of the Toyota Supra that appeared to be a real sports car and had a very impressive appearance and package of standards features which was special for those days. Some of those impressive features included traction control, limited slip differential, six speed manual transmission, 17" alloy wheels, and sport suspension. The turbo version boasted a V6 engine with 320 hp and could manage zero to 60 mph in the 5 second range.

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