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Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is categorized as a minivan and has been produced since 1998. It replaced the former Toyota minivan model Previa. It is manufactured in American Toyota plants and is exclusively built for the North American car market.

The Toyota Sienna is overall a good vehicle which offers many advantages to consumers interested in such a car. It has a reputation of being reliable, practically free of hassles and good fuel economy for its size. It features a modern and refined V6 engine which provides ample acceleration capabilities and power.

The Sienna is especially suited for families. It comes in a 7 or 8 seat version and has many features which make it an ideal family car. For one, it has many safety features such as side airbags and has always easily passed crashed tests and even came away with high scores. There is also a rear air conditioner, seats that can variably be folded down to make more room, and the center part of the rear seat can slide forward which has the advantage that parents can more easily access a baby seated in the back. The 1991 and later minivans even have a power sliding door on the right side, and the latest generation of Toyota Sienna models (2001 - present) can be equipped with DVD rear entertainment systems which are installed at the dealership. The only drawback of the Toyota Sienna is that if the oil was not changed and checked on a regular basis, that this vehicle is then more prone to engine problems and defects.

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