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Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia has been produced by Toyota since 2000 exclusively for the North American market. It is built in Princeton, Indiana and is only available for the United States and Canada. It is based on the popular Toyota Tundra pickup truck and the two cars share many common parts like the engine, however the Sequoia is classified as a full-sized SUV. It has only undergone minor changes until now, mostly of the cosmetic nature and the most major has been the introduction of a 5 speed automatic transmission which was available starting in 2004, but it has been announced that in 2009 new models will be produced and marketed which are to be the SUV models of the larger Tundra pickup version. There are presently two trims available to the consumers. The one is the basic SR5 and the other is the more expensive Limited version. All models, regardless of year and trim, have 4 doors and an automatic transmission.

Although the Toyota Sequoia is a large car in size and is equipped with a powerful V8 engine which has between 240 and 273 hp, it has been distinguished and certified as being an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle or ULEV. This certification is given out by the California Air Resources Board and it confirms that a vehicle of a certain year has 50% lower emissions than the average of all newly released models for that year.

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