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Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius was one of the first mass-manufactured hybrid electric cars to be sold on the market and since its debut in 1997 has won many awards and distinctions from around the world. These awards pertain to its low CO2 emissions and efficient fuel economy and according to the values recorded by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the Prius has a fuel economy in city driving of 48 mpg, or 4.9 L / 100 and slightly lower mileage per gallon on the highway, and this makes it the most fuel economical car which is currently available on the market in the United States.

The Toyota Prius features a series parallel configuration hybrid engine. This enables the car to run solely on gas, solely on the batteries or a combination of gas and electrical battery. This makes it possible for the Prius to offer the feeling of driving a regular car with a strong engine and good acceleration, although it is actually a hybrid. The fuel and emissions efficiency does not only come from the fact that the Toyota Prius is equipped with two electric generators, but also is due to the fact that the standard gas engine also has technical advancements. One difference to other engines is that is makes use of the Atkinson cycle, a different internal combustion engine. Although this variation is also 4 stroked like the more common and standard Otto version, it is more fuel efficient because it does the four stokes at once. There are also modern microprocessors which are able to decide which energy source is the best and they then switch between the different possibilities, e.g. electrical power, gas engine, or a combination.

The shop carries a wide range of vehicle replacement parts for your Toyota Prius, regardless whether you have the 4 door sedan version or the 5 door hatchback model. You can find everything you could possibly need, such as bumpers for your Prius, headlamps, or even model and year specific moldings and inserts. We not only have a large selection, but we also offer these parts to greatly discounted prices that include a lifetime warranty.

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