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Toyota Highlander

When I hear the word "Highlander" I can't help mentioning a movie bearing the same name whose music background belonged to Queen Group and one of the refrains went like this: "Who wants to live forever..." Well, if we perform a slight change at the phonetic level, we get: "Who wants to love forever...Toyota Highlander cars?" The answer can be: everybody! Now Toyota Highlander cars are larger and more noiseless and of course safer. We can tell you that its last model was launched in Chicago at a show room and there it was greatly appreciated. As any other new model, belonging to the new Toyota generation, highlander will benefit from the new equipment line in the domain of safety and from a hybrid propulsion system. Its equipment will also include a camera for backwards rides, connected to a multitask screen which can be found on the board. You can imagine you are somewhere among the stars waiting to face Darth Vader.

The new Highlander is remarkable amongst Toyota cars as the first one which benefits from active head supports, spoilers and roof, developed in order to absorb the impact force while hitting a foot passenger. The second seats row suggests totally uncommon ergonomic valences. The central seat can be hidden under the floor, while the third armchairs row moves forward - backward on a distance of 11.93 centimeters. Toyota Highlander engine is a 3.5 liters one, V6 type, which delivers 270 horsepower, with 55 horsepower more than old models having an engine of 3.3 liters.

For those who can't afford to buy a new Toyota Highlander, or if you need to change a part of your Toyota highlander car, you have only to enter our site and ask for guidance or advice and you can watch our catalogues and select the parts you need. If you consider that further information about a certain part is what you need, you can contact us and we'll be ready to help you.

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