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Toyota Echo

The Toyota Echo is categorized into the subcompact class and was first launched in the year 2000 and was produced until 2005. It is a small sedan that was originally manufactured to be affordable and thus attractive for young buyers with a limited amount of money to spend. The plan was to lure young consumers to the Toyota brand car, a plan that was called the Toyota Project Genesis. This may have been successful to some extent in certain markets, such as in Canada or Europe, however, the car turned out to be a failure in the United States. From 2003 - 2005 the car was only available through ordering at the dealerships and it is assumed that this fact also contributed to the sharp decline in sales. The statistics show just how bad things were in the US market at the end: the year the Toyota Echo was introduced, 48,876 vehicles were sold and in 2005, the last year of production only 1,544 cars were sold.

The Toyota Echo appears to have a strange look or proportions, but it does offer some advantages through its design. One major advantage is the roomy passenger cabin, which is mostly due to the high cabin design. On the other hand, this design also resulted in a couple of major drawbacks. The car was built high and the small tires were not suitable, especially when driving at high speeds. The driver was given the feeling that the car would flip over. Also there was a feeling of excessive rolling when trying to turn sharp corners.

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