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Toyota Cressida

The Toyota Cressida was first introduced to the Japanese market in 1973, was first exported in 1977 in its second generation form to other parts of the world, and in 1992 this model was discontinued.

It was classified as mid-sized executive car and offered a lavish set of features. It has been thought that this car, which offered a new level of luxury in regards to cars is what made Toyota start a whole new brand of luxury cars produced under a separate division, known as Lexus. Although production of the Toyota Cressida stopped in 1992, other variations of this car were still being made until the early 2000's, just under different names. The name Cressida, however, was not used anymore at all.

The Toyota Cressida which was sold in the United States was strongly related to the Supra. Both cars shared the same engine type, the M series 16, and both had rear wheel drive. These two features, the rear wheel drive and strong engine, are the characteristics that make the Toyota Cressida an often "tuned" car. Until now it is popular for drifting or street racing competitions due to its sporty features. These features, which were then classified as luxury, are standard for sports cars of today and the Toyota Cressida is just generally known to be a reliable, durable and powerful car.

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