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Toyota Corolla Wagon

The Toyota Corolla Wagon was first introduced in 1968 and is even today still being produced. Until now it has not lost on popularity and the Toyota Corolla, Wagon and Sedan together, is the most sold car in the world and boasts more than 30 million sold cars. Even the production of the Corolla itself is done in plants around the world, such as in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, China, India and Brazil, and those are just mentioning a few. An interesting fact is that it was the first Toyota to have ever been built in the United States. The Toyota Corolla Sedan is classified as a compact car. It is common knowledge that the Corolla Sedan offers the highest quality and reliability for an economy sedan in the compact class.

Currently, the tenth generation of the Toyota Corolla Wagon is being manufactured, and production of this new model started in 2006, but first only for the Japanese market. The new wagon is still known as the Corolla Fielder. Some new features for the Toyota Corolla Wagon are the intelligent parking assistant which makes use of monitors to help park the car, radar cruise control, and the Pre-Crash Safety System. This safety system automatically reduces speed before crashing and in doing so reduces damage caused directly by the crashing.

Whatever replacement you may need for your Toyota Corolla Wagon, you will find it in the shop. Whether you are in need of a rear foam absorber, front bumper brackets, a door mirror or even a hood for your particular model of Toyota Corolla Wagon, you will find it here. We carry an extensive range of high quality products and sell them at great discount prices. We only work with reliable and reputable suppliers and even give a lifetime warranty on all body replacement parts sold by us. Our online shop is very easy to use, but in case you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer service team whenever necessary

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