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Toyota Corolla FX

Toyota Corolla FX was introduced in 1987. It was produced at the Toyota and General Motors joint venture plant in California. It followed the sixth generation of Toyota cars and replaced Toyota Starlet in North American region.

Corolla FX was a hatchback in a Volkswagen Rabbit style mold. The engine consisted of either a 1.6 liter SOHC or a DOHC type engine. SOHC was the single cam and DOHC was dual cam engine. The Corolla FX with DOHC engine was called FX16. FX used to come in 3 door and 5 door specification and was also sold in Europe as Corolla.

Corolla FX was also produced in Japan and was quite popular before it was replaced by other models. FX was still included in the sixth generation of Corolla production but then it was decided that is should be removed and the production should be stopped. That marked the end of FX hatchback and FX16's production.

Corolla FX was a simple yet quite effective vehicle which had captured fair bit of market in the domain it was positioned into. One can still see Corolla FX roaming along the streets. There is still a market for antique car collectors and for those who like to have Toyota Corolla FX to increase their Toyota collection.

For these enthusiasts and collectors, we at iAutoBodyParts have obtained many spare parts of the Corolla FX and Corolla FX16. We believe that our customers deserve the best in class products hence we provide life time warranty to all our spare parts and equipments to ensure that the customers do not get worried after purchases from us. Contact us to get a detailed list of spare parts that you can use for your Toyota Corolla FX models. You will find our prices well below the product's OEM prices. We have secure transaction area on our web site where you can make the purchases in a secure manner using your Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards.

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