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Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla, first launched in 1966, has probably become the world's most famous car. As per estimates, Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in the world; this can be proved by looking at the sales volume which is roaring, with over 30 million Toyota Corolla already sold as of 2007. Corolla belongs to the compact cars category of Toyota.

Toyota Corolla has several variants. One of them is Corolla Coupe which is a two door coupe first produced in 1970s and lasted till 1980s. But in this brief life cycle, it won quite many hearts.

The engine consisted of a 1.1 liter overhead valve four cylinder engine that could generate as high as 60 horse powers of energy hence it was a compact car. There was also a Corolla sports coupe that was designed specifically for sports and for racing purposes. Though the vehicle is not produced now in United States yet there is a strong secondary market for Corolla products in general in United States and abroad.

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