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About Sterling Trucks

Today Sterling Trucks, a part of Daimler-Benz and Freightliner, build a very broad range of specific trucks and tractors. Among them the Sterling 360 well known for it's ease of servicing and innovative design for seating 3 in the cab. Sterling is a relatively new name in the truck business but has innovative engineering for trucks that are well known for work related specifications and custom building to the operator's ideal.

Their mission statement includes being the dominant manufacturer of 5 through 8 class vocationally orientated trucks in North America and is spreading into Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. The trucks not only have innovative design for engines and chassis but also an attractive looking truck that seems to appeal to the general public.

Sterling Truck Parts

They have decided to manufacture trucks for recreational use as well and among those consumers who pull heavy loads such as large boats, horse trailers with living quarters, and large travel trailers the recreational use truck is called the Acctera and is often known as a half semi to those consumers who want just a little more truck.

Here at we know that if you own a Sterling truck you want it to look as good inside and outside as it performs. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all Sterling truck body replacement parts, so if you've had a collision, accident or a mishap you know that once you purchase your Sterling truck body replacement parts you'll never have to do so again. Not only is it a lifetime guarantee on fit but it is also on rust or perforation and that lifetime guarantee will stand as long as you own your Sterling truck. So when you need body replacement parts for your Sterling truck, shop and compare here at for parts that not only are reasonably priced and shipped but also come with a guarantee fit and a guarantee against lifetime rust or perforation.

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