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About Saturn (GM)

Your Saturn was designed with innovative polymer side panels to resist denting and scratching, as well as one of the newest braking systems available at the time, but it wasn't long until other companies caught on that safety was paramount for drivers going into the new millennium. The Saturn continued to win awards, including Best Car in Its Class 1991, 1991 Easy Maintenance Car of the Year, and the 1991 Driver's Choice Award for Best Small Car. This trend of an award-winning small car continued for the second year in a row with the Driver's Choice Award for Best Small Car in 1992 and many other awards. An amazing sales record for the first two years that the car was on the road, Saturn now had over 200,000 cars being driven by consumers after just two years of production, earning the Saturn a solid place in American hearts.

The Saturn Company, with its innovative design and customer service has continually excelled with its reasonable costs, great safety record, ease of maintenance and repairs and satisfied consumers, they took this record of satisfaction right into the used car market. In 1995, they decided that selling a used Saturn needed to be as easy and as safe and upfront as it was to buy a new one, so incorporated the Saturn Certified Inspections for all of their used Saturns. And in 1996, brought that consumer satisfaction right into the new millennium of environmental cars with the first electric Saturn subcompact.

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Saturn has continually put their consumers first and have won awards for their safety and concern throughout their first 20 years of production. would like to help you continue that safety record with your Saturn. When you've had a collision, you will need to have your Saturn inspected to make sure it's will continually protect you against accidents. And when you need body parts for your Saturn, would like to help you get guaranteed fit, and lifetime protection for any body part you purchase from So whether you had a major collision, or would like to upgrade the look of your Saturn, shop where we understand your concern about fit, and you will receive a lifetime guarantee on your body parts for your Saturn here at,

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