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About Saab

The Saab Company is an aviation and defense company that is located in Sweden and was founded in the year 1937. The name is actually an acronym and stands for "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget". This translates into Swedish Aeroplan Limited. The company merged with the ASJA Company later on in the year 1939 and moved to Linkoping. The company has been known since 1990 as Saab AB due to a change in the ownership of the company.

The company started to diversify from the manufacture of airplanes in the 1940s and then moved to the manufacture of automobiles. The first vehicle was the Saab 92001 which was produced on June 10, 1947. This vehicle was in fact built by the 17 aeronautical engineers that Saab had on staff and wonder of wonders only one of these engineers had their driver's license. The vehicles that Saab produced quickly became known on the market for their reputation and safety and they made a name for themselves.

They became known for their cutting edge technology and functionality that were found in all the Saab vehicles. The company is today owned by General Motors. There plan was to eventually attain the entire company after purchasing half earlier and this materialized and today they are the owners of the brand. The cars have been continued to be upgraded and they have all the best features and specifications that the entire world will desire.

The Saab 92 was a great start and opened the doors to many more cars that were all made with the best features such as aerodynamic design and other technologies that made these vehicles entirely different from the norm. The lineup of vehicles has included sedans, sports sedans, convertibles and many more. There is a Saab vehicle for just about anyone and the models are superbly designed to meet the car owner's every requirement.

Saab Auto Body Parts

While the Saab brand is not very popular this is a marketing choice that has been made by the company that does not want to fit in with the mainstream market. The car is unconventional and does not wish to be classed with the masses. The dashboard is one example as it is designed as a planes cockpit which is a unique design in the vehicle. This is not a mistake or a fluke but a part of the history of the company and its roots in aviation.

For a vehicle that is unique, luxurious and unconventional there is a lot to like about Saab cars. You may however find it hard to locate the parts that you need to fit your Saab as not any part will fit due to the unique designs. You will need parts specifically designed for your Saab. These can be found on the internet and are high quality parts that will work well with your Saab. Find the part to fit your Saab on the internet today.

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