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About Plymouth

The Plymouth brand has American origins and is a brand that is marketed by Chrysler. They have been in production since the year 1928 and only stopped in 2001. They endured much competition over the years but withstood due to their reliability and quality. Named for Plymouth Rock the logo featured a view of the Mayflower. The vehicle was a success but there were many hurdles in the history of the company and this was evident mainly in the 1960s when the car did not sell as well as expected and was outdone by the competition.

There are a couple of reasons that the Plymouth was unsuccessful in the 60s. One of these was the poor designs that were put out at this time. They could not match to the newer vehicles in the features and appeal. The other factor was the cost of the vehicle. They faced many lower priced vehicles and they could not compete as their prices were too high. The company would later address these problems and in the 70s recover some of their popularity in the market.

Some of the more successful Plymouths in the 70s were the Valiant and the Duster. The Valiant was a compact vehicle that was very popular and led the company's entry to this arena. It was stylish and had a flair that was unique to the other compact vehicles on the market. The engine was also top of the line and this vehicle was one that was considered to be well designed.

The vehicles that were made by the Plymouth Company were by no means substandard at this stage however they could not recover there former glory completely. The Chrysler Company also was seeing hard times and thus the Plymouth had many cards against it. Eventually the Plymouth was phased out by DaimlerChrysler and dropped in 2001 due to the decline in sales. Weak sales meant that the company could no longer justify the continuation of the brand and it came to a somewhat bittersweet end.

Plymouth Restoration and Service Auto/Minivan Parts

The Plymouth did have its prime days and there were many car models that were note worthy as well. The Prowler and the PT Cruiser are just two of the more popular vehicles that were marketed. There are still many enthusiasts that love the Plymouth from the old days and many projects have been undertaken to restore these vehicles and bring them back to their former glory.

Today there are many options for the person that is in need of just the perfect restoration parts or replacement parts. There are many online sites that have quality parts on offer that can aid in your restoration project. There are engines and body parts as well as all the service parts that you may require. It can often be difficult to find the older Plymouth parts but this task has been made easier by the many online resources that are available to locate these parts.

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