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About Oldsmobile

The Oldsmobile brand was founded by ransom Olds in 1897. The company has for most of its life produced vehicles for the GM Company and made vehicles in the United States until 2004. The Oldsmobile brand in the 107 years that it existed produced millions of vehicles and was at the time of its phasing out the oldest American automobile brand. These vehicles were originally made in Michigan and in the early years secured its place as the first high volume automobile company of its time. It was then the best selling vehicle for many years in America. The company met with financial difficulties and was purchased by General Motors in 1908.

The first vehicle that has the title of the first mass produced car was the Curved Dash from 1901 to 1904. This vehicle was the lucky vehicle that was saved from a fire that burned many of the prototypes that were in the factory and that were all carded for mass production. When the new factory was built this vehicle was produced. The next highpoint for the company would come with the Limited Touring vehicle that was made in 1910. The vehicle was not a best seller as it was very expensive but the performance it delivered was well appreciated.

The technical sophistication of the Oldsmobile is the factor that contributed to the marketing plan of GM. The vehicles were the most advance of the GM line of vehicles and they also carried the first automatic transmission. There were other firsts as well such as the vehicle to first use chrome and that has the first automatic headlight dimmers as well. There were many models that were note worthy and that are still valued by collectors today.

These include the Cutlass, Viking, Starfire and the Aurora to name a few. The Cutlass was the best seller for the Oldsmobile brand and was also the top seller for Oldsmobile in America. There were a range of the vehicles that covered the personal luxury car and the large sedan as well as the compact cars and the mid sized sedans. These suited a wide range of consumers which may have added to the success of the vehicles.

The last of the Oldsmobile range was launched in 2002 and was known as the Bravada. There was also the Alero at this time that was actually the last Oldsmobile that was manufactured. There were 500 that were made and these were made special. They were all painted in a cherry red and they were marked with Final 500. These cars marked the end of a very illustrious run for the Oldsmobile brand.

Oldsmobile Parts / Limo Body Parts

The Oldsmobile parts that are in demand will often be for the more popular classic vehicles however there are also many newer models that also have parts demands. There are parts available for every Oldsmobile owner that are high quality and that are designed as replacement and performance parts for the vehicles. The parts on the market will work with your Oldsmobile and either aid in restoration or aid in keeping the vehicle in good condition.

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