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Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa is a vehicle that was produced in the year 2004. It was produced to keep the company in the race in terms of the North American market. The vehicle is a sub compact vehicle that has some design features that are thought to be linked to the Nissan Tiida model that was popular in Japan and Australia. The vehicle has replaced the Nissan Sentra as the entry level vehicle in the market with the Sentra being upgraded in status. This vehicle has two main designs which are a four door sedan and a five door hatchback version. The Versa has great appeal to many consumers across the board and this makes its well accepted vehicle.

The Nissan Versa has an exterior design that is enhanced by the body lines that are bold and that give the car an immense presence and that create more interior space in the vehicle. The passenger area is large and comfortable and there is much storage space in the vehicle compared to many of the competitors on the market. The vehicle has a short nose and the engine is covered underneath in a great design. The interior of the vehicle is elegant and there is much luxury from the standard entry level vehicle to be enjoyed. Some other perks that are very important is the great power and the control as well as the economy of the vehicle. There are also many safety features that make the vehicle one of the best in safety on the road.

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