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Nissan Stanza

The Nissan Stanza was first introduced to the market in the year 1977. This vehicle was designed in Japan as a twin to the A10 Nissan Auster and the Nissan Violet. There are many that referred to the vehicle as the Bluebird when it initially hit the market however this name was not used long term due to the planned entry into the US market with the model and the branding clash with a company that was US based. The vehicle was therefore renamed the Datsun 510 and this was the result. A major redesign was done on the vehicle in 1964 and this was the addition of a new stylish body that was designed by Pinifaria and there was little time passed before more changes in design of the vehicle.

The Nissan Stanza also known as the Datsun 510 was then equipped with a 1595cc 96 horsepower engine. This was one of the first sports sedans to hit the market and there was great popularity associated with this vehicle. There were many autocross enthusiasts that even up to now can be found. There were some issues at the time with gas prices and the vehicle suffered for this making the Datsun 210 the smaller vehicle more lucrative for Nissan. This is where there was an alteration by Nissan and the name Nissan Stanza was adopted for the 510 model. This came in a sedan as well as in a hatchback version and mini wagon version. The vehicle had good performance and reliability as well. The Stanza was upgraded several times over the years to make it competitive in the market. The Stanza is today known as the Altima in some parts of the world though the Stanza brand still exists.

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