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Nissan Pulsar Coupe

There are many great vehicles and the Nissan Pulsar Coupe is no exception. This is a vehicle that comes from the Nissan Pulsar that was made by Japanese automaker Nissan for the Australian market. This vehicle was developed as a replacement for the Nissan Cherry or the Datsun 100A as it is also called. The vehicle known as the coupe was a fastback coupe that had a two door design as well as a wrap around back window as well. There were also some other versions that were introduced such as the four door versions and the station wagons as well as vans that came in both two doors and four door designs. The first Pulsar was launched in the year 1978 and this was eventually revamped in the year 1982.

The version introduced in the year 1982 was designed by Alfa Romeo and was an Italy brand known as the Arna. This vehicle was Italian made and sold in the Japanese market as the Nissan Pulsar Milano. There was another version launched that was in the year 1987 and this was more angular than the other versions of the vehicle. There were many new features in these versions and the Nissan Pulsar Coupe had black headlights and much more that set it apart from the previous models. There are still many of these vehicles on the road and they are well appreciated as being performance vehicles.

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