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Nissan 350Z

The first Nissan 350Z was in fact the Datsun 240Z. This car was released in the year 1970 and was a hit on its entry into the market. The vehicle was well known for the overall performance that it offered as well as the driving dynamics. The demand for the vehicle was so intense that buyers were forced to wait a couple of months before they could actually get their vehicles. The market price of the vehicle at that stage was only $3526.00 and this was pretty reasonable for all that the vehicle offered. There were several changes that followed this vehicle over the years and that make the vehicle on of the best cars that Nissan has produced and aided in the making of the name Nissan.

In 1974 the vehicle was then called the 260Z. There were alterations to the engine size and there was also an increase in the power output and the performance of the vehicle. Later on more changes would come that included the replacement of the name from the 260Z to the 280Z over the years. The 280Z was the recipient of the Import Car of the year award that was presented by Motor Trend as well. The vehicle continued to evolve further in the quest to make it one of the best vehicles on the market. In 1984 the name was now the 300Z and this was the best selling sports car in the US. This vehicle's production ended but in the year 2003 the Nissan 350Z reincarnated the performance and style of the brand and was again a hit.

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